FuelMax™ Technology

  • The Most Fuel-EfFicient Long Haul Drive Tire in North America
  • Goodyear® Fuel Max® Technology video
  • Go Loing - Extreme Fuel Efficiency for the Long Haul
  • Fuel Saver - The Next Generation of Fuel Max Technology
  • G392A SSD DuraSeal+ Fuel Max (Drive)
  • G399A LHS Fuel Max (Steer)
  • G572A LHD Fuel Max (Drive)
  • G505D™ Fuel Max™ (Drive)
  • G394™ SST™
  • G305 AT LHD Fuel Max
  • G316 LHS featuring Fuel Max
  • G662 LHS featuring Fuel Max

Go Longer With Goodyear® Tires and Retreads Featuring Fuel Max Technology.

Saving fuel is at the top of any fleet's list. That's why Goodyear continually develops new SmartWay®-verified tire lines with reduced rolling resistance. Available in steer, drive and trail positions, Goodyear tires and retreads featuring Fuel Max Technology work together to help improve fuel efficiency, offer long tread life and reduce operating costs.

Each Fuel Max tire incorporates cool-running compounds and constructions to help lower rolling resistance, which improves miles per gallon for fuel savings you can apply straight to your bottom line.

Fuel Max Technology – one more reason to choose Goodyear.

*As compared to Michelin X Line Energy D 275/80R22.5 LR G, Bridgestone M710 Ecopia 295/75R22.5 LR G and Continental EcoPlus HD3 295/75R22.5 LR G. Based on the projected fuel cost savings of a single Class 8 tractor-trailer combination truck with 6.50 miles per gallon, traveling 120,000 miles in a year, and Diesel fuel price at $4.00 per gallon. The estimated fuel consumption differences are a result of changing all of the tractor’s 8 drive axle tires. Class 8 tractor-trailer combination truck fuel consumption was estimated using the U.S. EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Model and ISO 28580 rolling resistance coefficient data. Actual results may vary depending on tire size, driving and road conditions, maintenance, and operating conditions.

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