LCAPP National Account #5088

NEW Goodyear Endurance HD Tire Special

Get instant savings on the Endurance LHD, Goodyear’s best Long Haul Drive Tire for miles to removal from September 7, 2017 through December 31, 2017. Exclusive for LCAPP members only. Price excludes LCAPP Administrative Fee. CLICK HERE for more details.

Benefits Include:

  • Discounted pricing at any of Goodyear's 2,300 dealer locations
  • Access to discounts on the following Long Haul products
  • Regional Products
  • For information on our other premium products use the Tire Selector
  • Get Access to Goodyear Fleet HQ Roadside Assistance at 1-866-FleetHQ with an average roll time of about 2 hrs and 15 minutes
  • Access to Company Owned Servicing Commercial Tire and Service Centers providing services such as:
    • Tire Related Services
    • Oil Changes
    • Trailer Readiness Programs
    • DOT Vehicle Inspections

LCAPP Member Tire Purchasing Instructions:

  1. Check size and type of tire(s) needing replacement.
  2. Visit any of Goodyear 2,300+ authorized dealers to purchase tires/service.
  3. Present your LCAPP National Account #5088 (You can find pricing on the LCAPP pricing web-site).
  4. All billing is through the Landstar/LCAPP National Account.

Note: No taxes or services are included in pricing and are always extra cost, if required.

Pricing Details

The LCAPP Tire Program applies only to purchases by members of the Landstar Contractors' Advantage Purchasing Program (LCAPP) in the United States during the effective period of the Program. Discounted pricing is available for Goodyear & Dunlop MRT tires and Consumer Auto & Light Truck tires (Please contact Scott Parker for Auto and LT pricing). For more information or questions, contact your Goodyear Representative Scott Parker at 904-616-8672 or

Scott Parker
Fleet Solutions Manager

Existing Goodyear Customers

If you are already a Goodyear customer, contact your local Goodyear dealer to place the order.

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