G186 MSA UniCircle Offers Enhanced Traction, Mileage, Toughness

AKRON, Ohio, July 30, 2015 – Oil field and other mixed-service fleets that want enhanced traction and more miles to removal have a new option in The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's G186 MSA (Mixed-Service All-Position) UniCircle retread, which features Goodyear's spliceless UniCircle Technology.

Available now, the G186 MSA UniCircle boasts three zig-zag circumferential grooves for extra all-season traction, a long-wearing compound for increased tread life, and other features.

"Goodyear UniCircle retreads feature a spliceless, seamless design, which offers several benefits, including snug adherence to a tire's casing to enhance uniformity, casing endurance and toughness," said Brian Buckham, general manager, product marketing, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems. "This is important for mixed-service trucks that travel across challenging surfaces."

Another benefit of Goodyear UniCircle Technology is how the spliceless tread is applied to casings. Goodyear UniCircle treads are automatically positioned on casings using laser-guided technology and are precision-stitched. Because there is no cutting or splicing during the UniCircle tread application process, the resulting retread is uniform and balanced, which helps extend casing life and mileage.

"The G186 MSA UniCircle is the latest addition to our full line of UniCircle retreads," said Buckham. "We believe it will become the 'go-to' retread product for mixed-service fleets."

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