Goodyear® Truck Tires by Technology / type

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Premium tires featuring fuel efficient compounds, helping fleets lower operating costs. These tires are found in Long Haul and Regional/Urban applications.

Premium UniCircle retreads deliver great traction and longevity for less money. Installed with no cutting or splicing, UniCircle retreads are uniform, balanced and help extend the life cycle of your fleet’s tires.


Premium tires featuring robust compounds and innovative tread designs for long miles to removal. These tires are found across all commercial applications.

Premium tires featuring low rolling resistance compounds to help extend vehicle range* and drive sustainability.

*Low rolling resistance is one factor that may help extend EV range. Actual range extension may vary and may be impacted by other conditions including weather, proper maintenance, driver behavior and road conditions.

Premium tires optimizing treadwear and chip/chunk compounds for enhanced durability in severe mixed service applications.

Premium tires featuring enhanced treadwear, high scrub and retreadability for metro or transit buses.

Premium tires designed for EV or Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. Products feature low rolling resistance compounds or enhanced load carrying capacity for any powertrain.

Tires featuring long lasting compounds for Long Haul and Regional/Urban applications.

Tires featuring durable compounds for severe Mixed Service applications.